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Patient Testimonials

Betty P.


“I have a full set of new dentures. Dentures Today showed me a list of the three different prices and I could take my pick of which one I wanted, and so I chose the smallest price… Dentures Today is a great value because you can pick what you can afford.…they said ‘now you pick what you want and we’ll try to get to where you want to be’. I said I want to be able to go…and get me my rare ribeye steak that I love. This plate from Dentures Today, I have no problem with top or bottom…Now I sit down and eat whatever I want…. Oh, I love the way they look. I got a lot of compliments….I said, well, if you need new teeth, go to Dentures Today…what else can I say? The dentist was fantastic, very personable to talk to... listened to me... laughed … He wanted to make sure that I really did enjoy my teeth and I said I’m not a person that’s going to tell you  I like it when I don’t like it. But, when he brought in that form and fitted it to my mouth, I said if the real plate fits like that, I’m going to  love my new teeth. And they did! Beautiful person!  The nurses, we were all laughing and joking by the time I left, and I was smiling at everybody because I LOVE my new set of dentures!” - Betty


Bobby P.


“I grew up...having teeth problems for most of my life. And, it was getting to a point in my life where the teeth were getting bad. I was talking to one of my fellow employees at where I work and he recommended Dentures Today where he...had his dentures done. I contacted Dentures Today and went in the .. following week and ..they did the examination and went over their price plans for their partials or their dentures or whatever you might need.. They had three sets of different price ranges you could go with. I went with the most expensive set which are really comfortable. Flexible fitted partials are really comfortable. They slide right up around the gums. I don’t even have to use any Polygrip or Flexodent. It just sits snug against your gums. You know, I was lucky to have my insurance cover a majority of this. But …I feel that what I paid for my partials and what I got was well worth it. The comfort that I have, just being around everybody, it just makes me smile. It makes me happy that I have that set of teeth… so the price … does not really matter. My smile has grown. I was so shy, and I didn’t want to smile, I didn’t want a show anything before, and now I just grin, ear to ear. I love it. I feel if you have any problems with your teeth, I would recommend Dentures Today to anybody. I‘ve already recommended Dentures Today … to two or three people, and after seeing my smile..,they decided they needed to go, too.” - Bobby


Amy S.


“I had had bad teeth probably my whole entire life, specifically jaw teeth, so I just started eventually getting them pulled… I just got tired of not being able to chew, eat. Had a friend tell me about Dentures Today so I called them and, of course, checked on prices for a partial…. and got a partial for the bottom. I had a few.. teeth that had already been pulled, so you go in and, … they just take an impression and it’s … within a day or so you can get something back, and then you go in for adjustments. It’s very easily done. There was a way to choose a price …. There was quality, there was acrylic, there were different methods… The first one I chose, I got the one with the wires, of course, …that was the partial for the bottom…and now they have what they call a flex so you don’t have to do the wires, so I went back and got that, .. there’s no metal in it, which keeps it from wearing  your teeth down. Dentures Today are great. The fitting process is awesome. When you go in, of course you try it on and then … you can go for an hour and come back …to the office and tell them… this is not going to work, and they usually fit you right in and take care of you and adjust because it does take some adjusting . It does take … some time and patience to get it right and make sure it’s right, and … their main concern is to get it right.… Mine was very affordable. I received a great value. There is… the cheaper version, of course, that was affordable for me at the time when I got my first, my partial five years ago, and …... It wasn’t even supposed to last that long. …The quality was great, so even when I came back two years later to have it adjusted, that’s when I found out about the flex. And, of course, that one is very affordable also, so…anyone that has bad teeth like I had growing up… I would recommend … Dentures Today in a heartbeat. ..You go from having abscessed teeth …feeling bad all the time…When you grow up with bad teeth you just… feel bad a lot. Since I had all that done I don’t have any problems with that…much more confidence level. You know, you feel good, and that’s the main thing.” - Amy