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"For An Affordable, Natural Look!"



1. What are my choices now that I have really bad teeth?

A: Really bad teeth are infected. Infections, even low grade - called chronic - need to be treated. Often, the least expensive treatment is removing the infected teeth and replacing them with a denture.


2. If dentures are necessary, how long does it take?

A: We can make a complete set of dentures in one day - start to finish. We have a fill range, from very affordable to the very best. We can also repair or reline dentures in one day, usually within an hour or two, while you wait.


3. The best advice is to get the best your budget will allow. Because dentures and related services are all we do, we have the advantage of buying materials in bulk and pass that savings to you. Many people are surprised to find they can have the very best for a very affordable price.


4. Is there any kind of denture better than another? How is that reflected in cost?

A: All our dentures fit and function properly. The difference in cost is largely due to the expense of the materials and the time we spend getting the looks just the way you want them. Of course, using better materials mean we can offer a longer breakage warranty on the better dentures we make.


5. How fast can I get dentures if my teeth need to be pulled?

A: Before any surgery, the responsible thing for us to do is examine your mouth and make sure there are no medical issues to deal with. So, we ask you to come in for a consultation that is at no cost to you. Even if we have to take x-rays, we still don't charge you anything. At that point, we will tell you exactly what everything will cost. Then, we can schedule a time to extract your teeth and place the denture in immediately. You walk in with bad teeth and leave with your new smile.


6. What is the best way to locate a good, but not too expensive set of dentures?

A: We think we provide the best option for your best value. We have been at this a long time and know how to save you money without compromising quality. Since we have our own lab on site at each office, we cut out the middle man and pass the savings to you.


7. Is there any hope of saving my teeth that are left?

A: There is always hope. However, advanced dental disease is very expensive to treat. We will tell you options and what you can do about them. No one can be all things to all people, and we limit our services to those that are denture related. If you decide to keep your teeth, we will happily refer you to a dentist we would use ourselves to restore your natural teeth.


8. If I have all my teeth pulled and get dentures, how long will my mouth hurt?

A: With any surgery, no matter how minor, there is a period discomfort. We will write you a prescription for pain medicine to use during those few days of recovery.


Having had mouth surgery and an immediate denture myself, I can tell you as a patient, your diet will be limited for about a week. You won't do any damage, but the force you can apply will be limited. After that time, things gradually get better and it will take about a month before you can bite into anything you want, like crisp bacon. Incidentally, I had my partial dentures made in my office with the same materials, and by the same technicians, we use to make your dentures.


9. Will they fit good and what will I be able to eat?

A: We guarantee our dentures to fit. Sometimes a few extra steps are required because all mouths are different. However, regardless of what it takes to have your dentures fitting properly, there will be no extra charges.


In short order, most people are able to eat anything they want. Well, cracking nuts may be a problem, but you shouldn't do that with the teeth God makes.


10. How can I be sure my new dentures will be comfortable?

A: Everyone is different. We will do everything humanly possible to teach you how to best use your dentures. We'll make sure they fit, but like any prosthetic device, there is a period of learning for you to use dentures comfortably and effectively. 


11. Why don't you make an "economy" denture?

A: In my view, economy and health care shouldn't be used in the same sentence. All our dentures are made by custom setting the right size and shade of tooth for your mouth. We don't have a "one size fits all" option. We honestly tried to make a cheap denture. When it was all said and done, we couldn't be proud of the result, so we decided not to do it. I believe you will find our prices and service validate our mission statement of "For an Affordable, Natural Look".


12. I live on a budget and need to know the total cost. Can you do that for me?

A: Yes we will. We offer a no cost, free quote. At that time we will tell you the total cost for the entire treatment. There are no hidden costs like adjustments and healing liners that you may need. It is all up front and honest. You have nothing to lose.


13. Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes, we do. We accept all major credit cards and those can be paid over time. Also, we use Care Credit and Wells Fargo. Those work like credit cards but are solely used for health care. We find their acceptance rate seems to be better than regular credit cards.


In addition, we are providers for AR Medicaid, OK SoonerCare and all insurance plans we know about. If you have one we haven't seen, we want to look at it. We will accept your insurance payment and ask you to only pay your portion, and that can be set up with easy payments.


14. Do you charge less for extractions if I buy the dentures there?

A: Yes, we do. Our extraction price is what it costs us to provide a safe, sterile, and comfortable environment for you.


15. Will you charge me or limit how many times I come back for adjustments?

A: No. We realize all mouths and all people are different. They heal and adapt differently. We are committed to you having the best denture experience possible and will happily see you whenever you need help for no additional charge.


16. Why do I hear of so many people having problems with their lower dentures?

A: It has a lot to do with the anatomy of the mouth. The upper arch is attached to the base of the skull. It doesn't move. Only the lower arch, or mandible, moves. So, when you talk, chew, kiss, or anything else, the muscles controlling the lower arch are constantly flexing and relaxing in concert for that movement. Consequently, they try their best to dislodge the denture. When you consider the tongue is also moving, you can see why the lower denture is more of a challenge.


17. What can be done to stabilize my lower denture?

A: We offer a great solution called mini implants. These are designed for one purpose, to stabilize a lower denture. They keep the lower denture secure to vastly improve the quality of life for the wearer. Many times we can use your existing denture and do not have to make a new one. You can get more information here: Mini Implants